Friday, September 01, 2006

Fifth anniversary of 9/11 coming up (yawn)

It's not that I don't take terrorism seriously. And what al-Qaeda did to us on 9/11 was absolutely horrible.

But in BushWorld, every day is 9/11 Day. And when every day is 9/11 Day, and you're not allowed to forget about it for an instant no matter what day it is, then the actual anniversary of 9/11 is just another day.

I've said elsewhere that the Bushies strike me as a crew of people frantically pushing the same buttons over and over again, hoping they'll work this time like they used to work: terror! gay marriage! WMDs! 9/11! Except that they've pushed all the buttons until the connections got worn out, and now they don't work anymore. But they keep on pushing the buttons, thinking they might just work one more time.

They've pushed the 9/11 button so often, there's no button left, just a hole in the control panel where the button used to be. So when they try to push the button again a week from Monday, it won't work, just the same as on all the other days.


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